Member Benefits

The Chamber delivers value to our members through a variety of opportunities to connect and engage. We invite you to belong to the Seville Chamber of Commerce and experience our support and services which are specifically designed for you. Visit our Member Benefits page for a complete list of benefits.

The Value of Networking

Additional business can be gained from networking within your local chamber.

Seville Ohio Chamber of CommerceQuality Leads: When you get a lead from someone in the Chamber, you are getting information on a prospective customer who is typically ready to buy now.

Increased Efficiency: By reducing the time and money required to gain new customers, you can focus more time on doing business and increasing profits.

Increased Stability: The additional access to new customers helps to insure that you continue to keep work coming in and reduces the inevitable slow periods.

Jumpstarting a Slow Business: Networking can provide an affordable way to generate new business.

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